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Papa Lennon's

515 W. El Roblar, Meiners Oaks CA 93023 [map]
(805) 640-7388

Unpretentious neighborhood eatery, featuring personal pizzas, paninis, salads, beer and wine.

Reviews from Publications and Diners

With all due respect to Ojai Pizza, Boccali's and Farmer+Cook, Papa Lennon's has the best pizza in the valley.

Everything about it is just right - the sauce is tangy, sweet and a bit spicy, the crust is a bit buttery and crunchy, the vegetables are fresh and just the right texture.

Also enjoy the vibe - nice patio, order at the counter, pleasant sit-down with great artwork on the walls. The attention to detail is noticeable in everything they do.

So I have never posted a review before but after my 3rd time eating here; I felt compelled to write something. This place is one of the BEST places to eat in Ojai. The food is outstanding and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing. It's a perfect getaway for a lunch break. Try it! You won't be dissapointed. The Chicken Caesar Wrap is the best!

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