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Village Jester

139 East Ojai Avenue
Ojai, CA 93023-3209
(805) 640-8001

Reviews from Publications and Diners

The food is good pub food and the menu is extensive. There are plenty of vegetarian options (most menu items can be modified too) - and the curry is fabulous. Plus with a full bar and the best beers on tap in town, how can you go wrong?

In the summers we love it for the awesome outdoor patio (nicely heated in the winter too) and tons of live music. Plus, Wednesdays are dirt cheap with a $5 menu and $2 beers, making it affordable for a family (kids are totally welcome). I also love Thursdays because they do a great date night in conjunction with the movie theater next door and it is an awesome deal.

The food is good. It's pub food: not fancy, but it doesn't pretend to be either. When I want a simple dinner without any fuss, this is the place to go. I like the grilled chicken, and their turkey burger is delicious. The prices are very reasonable. In a town that tends to cater to tourists, I truly appreciate having a place for locals.

Lots of perks and events at this restaurant too... The back patio is a lovely place to sit during summertime. Tuesday is trivia night, which is surprisingly fun. Wednesday is curry night, and they put on a date night--dinner and a movie--in conjunction with the little theater next door. They also have live music. With some exceptions, I'm not ordinarily the biggest fan of a band playing when I go out to dinner with people. If I want to eat/chat I go to a restaurant and if I want to see music I go to a concert. That said, I saw a guy play there who was awesome and I'd actually go back to see him again.

The new owner, Nigel Chisum, is British and a friend of Daniel Ash (yes, the goth god - I love Daniel Ash). He's transformed the Pangea into a pub and added more entertainment, weekly dart tournaments, team trivia nights. The Jester also features local art.

Fish and chips are the house specialty. The menu includes soups, salads and entrees (pasta, steak, vegetarian entrees, even tofu). I wonder if Daniel has had the fish and chips?

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