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Red Barn Liquor

11558 N Ventura Ave., Ojai CA 93023 [map]

kitchen open until 9pm, store open late

In the back of a liquor store in Miramonte lies a hidden treasure of the Ojai Valley. A Mexican family works together in a small kitchen serving up the best tacos in Ojai at a buck a piece. Also try the burritos, tortas, four salsas and more. Leave a couple bucks in the tip jar, grab a drink and pay up front.

Reviews from Publications and Diners

I lived in East LA for 8 years and ate regularly and some of the best Mexican restaurants this side of the border. Some were gourmet, with period decor, while others were kitch, and still others were dives. The dives were often the best!
I've seen the BBQ smoking out in front of the Red Barn and I always wondered what was going on inside. When I finally ventured in, I found Fantastic Mexican food that rivaled the best of East LA. The first week of my discovery I stopped everyday for lunch to try something different. What a joy! The food is unbelievably good.

I love good, authentic, spicy mexican food. Ojai has a few decent places, but I've yet to find anything as good as the little taqueria in the back of Red Barn Liquor in Mira Monte. A buck a taco, fire-roasted meat (chicken in my case), great sauces (green, red, salsa fresca and avocado), cilantro and onions. Perfection. Five bucks for a shockingly good burrito - all the above, beans and rice. Que bueno.

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