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Bodee's Restaurant

3304 Maricopa Hwy., Ojai CA 93023 [map]

Dinner: Wednesday – Sunday: 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Lunch: Friday – Sunday: 11:00am – 3:00pm

The atmosphere at Bodee’s is what makes our restaurant and your experience with us an event to remember.

Whether it’s a glorious spring day, a cool autumn night, a chilly winter evening, or a warm summer afternoon… Bodee’s is the place to be.

Dine Alfresco
Alfresco dining at it’s finest can be found at Bodee’s. Our waterscaped garden and fern grotto environment is nestled into the wooded hillside creating a pristine location to enjoy a bite to eat, sip a cool drink or take pleasure in a glass of wine. Or…pick a table on the spacious covered patio near the expansive fireplace for a uniquely casual and tranquil experience.

A Cozy Retreat
Are you looking for a cozy retreat? Our indoor dining area is the ideal setting. Dark, rich wood paneling adorns the walls, while the original brick fireplace hearth adds warmth and charm. Custom designed high back plush fabric and leather seating creates an ambience where one can relish the wide variety of culinary offerings.

Kick Back at the Bar
Steeped in tradition, Bodee’s originally opened in 1947 as a watering hole for the locals. Today, the legacy still holds true whether you’re a local or a visitor to the Ojai Valley, Bodee’s indoor bar is a place to relax and enjoy a drink… with an old friend or a new acquaintance. So, enjoy your experience at Bodee’s…make us a tradition to enjoy time and time again.

Reviews from Publications and Diners

Great meal at Bodee's, great pink moment over the mountains, and the best martinis ever by Brian. As he says, it's about balance and feel.

I now hear that Bodee's has a full liquor license as well as one of the best bartenders in Ventura County-Brian. I'll be there supporting the restaurant and Brian.

We have ate here several times and each time were were not disapointed. Now that a full bar is in place it is even better. Great Martini's by Brian...

We were at Bodee's for Easter Brunch. I was very disappointed in the whole experience. The price for the meal I can see because it was a holiday of sorts. However, the assortment of food was not adequate. Not everyone likes Spinach or Caesar salad. Where was the create your own Omelette? No vegetables, except the raw green beans and carrots with their tops still on. When one goes to a brunch, the orange juice and champagne are always included, not at Bodee's, you need to pay for each separately.

Like I said in the beginning I was very disappointed.

I must admit I was quite surprised on how pleasant the meal was here. From the outside the place just looks like a stop with some hitching posts. But its funny how looks are deceiving because as soon as you walk up. The richness and class of the interior is within your view of the entrance. The beautiful patio awith the lovely serenity of drops falling from the waterfall all the way towards inside with the it's rich dark woods. It reminded me of the library from my old college days . And now to the food. The steaks (New York and Ribeye) were perfect! Medium well was done perfectly and accentuated the meats flavors. Throw in the perfect potatoes with that devine tasting blue cheese was devilishly wholesome! The service was attentive too! the only thing I can complain about is that the bar was not a full bar. But don't let that stop you!

Executive Chef Christopher Watson is young, and his ideas are fresh. So is the food, which makes good use of Ojai’s bounty. Guacamole is whipped up from the fruit of the family ranch. Greens are crisp, veggies varied... our overall experience promises that the food will continue to be exceptional and the service cheerful and engagingly informal.

Bodee’s menu offers choice for every taste whether it’s a 20 oz. Certified Angus beef porterhouse steak or a vegetarian lentil roulade. For starters, the guacamole with avocadoes from its own ranch is a treat. The yellowfin tuna tartar, barbeque duck confit quesadilla, and Caesar salad are also tasty.

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