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Eggs N Things

1103 Maricopa Hwy, Ojai CA 93023 [map]

Reviews from Publications and Diners

Place is neat clean and friendly. Better prices then rest of ojai for breakfast and lunch. Service always friendly and girls always with a smile.Dinner would be a big plus.Try their Country omelette it is my favorite, its a special. You ask for it everyone knows about it.Great place i eat there 4 days a week and love it.

Best food and best prices in ojai. Place newly remodeled, beautiful inside, bathrooms clean, staff fun and friendly. Breakfast til 2pm what more could you ask for. Try their special benedict its to die for.The cinnamon roll french toast my favorite. Thumbs up to this place. Happy happy happy!!!!!!!!!

Wish they were open for dinner. Always a pleasure. The Monte Cristo sandwich needs to be battered as a whole and then fried. Their version is acceptable and greatly loved by my wife. I, however, would prefer it to be more traditonal. Country Fried steak should be a cheap piece of meat that is flatenned then breaded. They unfortunately use a ground beef mixture or a store bought variation, YUCK. Not bad for Ojai.

The food was great, good prices and delicious biscuits. The service is a little young and therefore kind of slow, but they were all very sweet.

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