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Feast Bistro of Ojai

254 East Ojai Ave. Ojai CA 93023 [map]

Reviews from Publications and Diners

I adore going to Feast Bistro. The atmosphere is so cozy and the chefs there are top notch. The wine selection is quite good - go on Wednesday night and get a free half carafe with entree! The fries are yummy and the burgers are the best in town. Lunch or dinner is so worth it.

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversay in Ojai at a lovely little restaurant in the historic downtown Arcade. We were served a lovely organic wine by a local winery, Casa Barranca, great appetizers and Chef Susan Coulter surprised us with a Wedding Anniversary Special created just for us -- oysters, duck confit and a fine salad made with locally-grown organic fresh produce . If you want a candlelit romantic evening in a romantic setting, go to Feast Bistro on East Ojai Avenue -- and keep going back on your anniversary every year.

Good food, atmosphere and nice people.
Portions are SMALL so if you are a guy order two!

We wandered in saturday looking for lunch. We had the best meal of our weekend.

I ordered the soup of the day, a chowder full of corn, potatoes and flexed with salmon. My husband noshed on our order of Pomme Fritte and fell in love with the roasted garlic aoli.

Our entree, the pulled pork sandwich, was the also a hit. The spice was warm and flavorful without being over the top, balanced nicely with the creamy coleslaw and lightly dressed greens.

We were out the door, well-fed and very happy for under $25. Awesome!

I have enjoyed Feast Bistro for lunch a couple times now and got the same thing both times - the open-faced roast turkey. Thick freshly-sliced turkey, ripe tomatoes, crunchy, flavorful bacon topped with provolone, and accompanied by pomme frites. Delicious meal, although the first time I ordered it, the sandwich came with a bright green aioli, and the second time just mayo.

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