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Giorgio's Italian Food & Pizza

914 E Ojai Ave., Ojai CA 93023 [map]

Reviews from Publications and Diners

Giorgio's, Best place to enjoy Ojai sports commmunity to the fullest. A place where locals gather to celebrate or mourn the loss of their favorite team. By the way are my beer and wings up yet?

Dear Friends,
We understand there are many restaurants to choose from, we are always here to provide the best food, best service at a valuable price. My wife and I would like to say Thank You for your continued support. Come visit us soon and have a great Funtabulous Day!

Fumie & Robert Chiang

Differently the best burgers! That is where I am heading right now to eat a Double Double for lunch.

My vote for best Teriyaki wings ever. I have demolished 2 orders of these crispy,salty, sweet and meaty morsels at one sitting(Washed down with Giorgio's Pale Ale) My dad had the Bomber Burger. He couldn't finish it but still sings praises.I've had the tri tip sandwich and would only say that perhaps a kaiser roll would be better.My wife loves the Pizza.

Giorgio's has the best burgers on the planet. End of story. From a single-patty with the works that will fill you up to the massive, gut-busting, double-patty bacon cheeseburger with avocado (known as the "Big Kahuna"), there is something for everyone - and the price is only $4-6. For under 10 bucks, you can enjoy the best burger and fries combo you've ever had. I make excuses to meet with my Ojai clients just to have a Giorgio's burger. (And I hear the rest of the menu is equally enticing!)

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