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Movino Wine Bar & Gallery

308 E Ojai Ave., Ojai CA 93023 [map]

Monday - Thursday, 4pm - 11pm
Friday, 4pm - 1am
Saturday, 12pm - 1am
Sunday, 12pm - 9pm

Owner and creator Maureen Clark brings a little bit of Europe to Ojai. Movino Wine Bar & Gallery's sophistication and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the wine bar's offerings and appointments, and the result is an inviting and exciting destination creation. A European influence can be found in the red hued d├ęcor accented with a collection of fine art which currently includes paintings by Sandra Jones Campbell, sculpture by Martin Weiner, and photographs by international award winning photographer Santi Visalli. From the soothing waterfall to the cushioned love seats, the scene is set for enjoyment. When in beautiful Ojai, California, please come visit Movino Wine Bar & Gallery located in "The Arcade" in downtown Ojai.

Complement your exquisite glass of wine with a culinary selection:

Pizza of the day - Thin crisp-crust pizza with a variety of toppings ~ $10.00

Warm Baked Camembert - With fruit, bread, and crackers ~ $9.00

Torta Rustica - Traditional Italian meat and cheese deep-dish pie ~ $10.00

Warm Sausage Plate - A medley of sausage and cheeses with bread and crackers~ $11.00

Cheese and Fruit Plate - A variety of cheeses and seasonal fruit with bread and crackers ~ $12.00

Reviews from Publications and Diners

A group of us went there friday night. The waitress was exceptional, the food was incredible, and the live band just added to the already lively atmosphere. We ended up dancing out on the sidewalk. We had some "show", then ended up coming back on sunday to purchase a bottle to take home with us. I would recommend this wine bar to everyone!!!!!!

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