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Sakura Ojai

11400 N Ventura Ave., Ojai CA 93023 [map]

One of the hottest restaurants in town, Sakura Ojai has a great sushi bar, festive local atmosphere and a new teppan grill. Try the shrimp tempura roll with crab, the eel and avocado roll and spicy tuna hand roll. Or roll up your sleeves and order the two foot long sushi boat. They have an outdoor patio with a warm, round fireplace but the piped-in Japanese pop may be a bit much for some ears.

Reviews from Publications and Diners

The food is fresh and plentiful, the management is great, and the prices are unbelievable. A little quirky, but best value in S. CA. New place on the east side of Ojai Ave. doesn't come close!

Good restaurant 90% of the time. Check out the new place on the eastside. I think it's called Hakane.

I guess you could say i'm a regular at Sakura. I've been to many of the sushi restaurants in Ventura County, but this restaurant has become my absolute favorite. My favorite is the Philadelphia Experiment, Ojai roll, and the Hwy. 33 roll. YUM! Also, i look forward to eating here because the staff are so friendly!

Sakura seems to get busier and better all the time. They aren't up to the level of the better sushi restaurants in L.A., but the food is always fresh, the place is happening, management is on top of things and the menu is creative. Seaweed salad, caterpillar roll, tuna sushi, hamachi kama. Yum. Recommended.

Sakura Ojai not only has great food, their staff is so personalable you feel like your dining with your friends, too.

Excellent Sushi, service and fun!!

It was fantastic. I love love the sushi. It was the best i have ever had.

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