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Sea Fresh Seafood Ojai

533 E Ojai Ave., Ojai CA 93023 [map]

A few things to try
Homemade New England Clam Chowder
Garlic Shrimp - sautéed with garlic, paprika and cayenne pepper, served with garlic toast
Fish and Chips
Tacos - chicken, shrimp or halibut - double wrapped with soft corn tortilla shells, topped with cabbage and cheese, served with homemade salsa
Red Snapper - grilled pacific coast deep water fish

Reviews from Publications and Diners

As a long time resident of the Ojai Valley. I would have to say this is my favorite restaurant. The other day we decided to try another restaurant in town for a special occasion, what a mistake that was. From now on, we will go with what we know. The seafood is great, the sushi even better and if you want to try a steak try the flat iron steak with garlic mashed potatoes. The best steak you will find in Ojai. There is something there for all. If you get a chance to speak with the owner Gus, (yes the owner actually works there) you will know why it's our favorite restaurant. Great service and great food, what more can you ask for.

This is one of the best seafood restaurants at which I have ever dined, period. The service was friendly, the setting was spectacular and the food was delicious.

Don't judge this place from the outside. We almost didn't go in, but we are glad we did. The service was friendly and the food delicious. We were very pleased and would return again.

My husband and I and our Black Standard Poodle love this restaurant. About once per month we have a reserved spot at Lake Casitas and usually get there early Friday afternoon. We drop our rig and go into town and find our regular spot on the patio of the Seafresh Seafood Restaurant. Guss comes out to greet us and I order the biggest lobster in the place and we feast. What fun we have as we watch the folks walk up and down the street. The poodle sits quietly while we eat and the great weekends always start with a trip to this wonderful restaurant.
Great food and great fun.

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